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A land of immense beauty and contrasting sights, from the lush forests of Sagritus to the implacable Desert of Valour, where squires undergo their last test to become paladins of Lionair, Valoris is the home of twelve kingdoms and countless cultures and races.


Unfortunately, Valoris is also facing its grimmest moment as Greemir, god of creation, marches over the land in search of the renaissance runes, which can consolidate his power. So far, the god has razed two of the capital cities and decimated their population. Other four kingdoms have also fallen prey to his army.


The runes are also sought by a band of warriors who hope to use them to defeat the god and restore balance to the land, but their journey is full with perils and treachery as they follow the clues of an ancient book to find the runes. Their endeavour will take them to the farthest parts of Valoris through lost cities, like Lhybros and ancient prisons like the House of Reflection, and although fear has a strong grip on its inhabitants, rulers like Pharyos, the warlord of Arinthys, and the Fathers of Thars, are not willing to let Greemir have their land without a fight.


Join the quest and welcome to Valoris.

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I just finished reading it! The battle against Zulik was amazing. I couldn't put the book down! When is the second one coming out? I just Can't WAIT! Congrats!

Demitrios DeSouza - Brazil



Amazing characters and compelling story. You are certain to fall in love with at least one of the characters. Or else, you can also love to "hate" one of them. They come alive out of the pages. And nothing is predicable. Can hardly wait more stories from this author.

Marcelo Mesquita - Brazil

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