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Tales of Valoris Saga

The Rune Seekers


For over two decades, Greemir, the god of creation has raged war on the kingdoms of Valoris in search of the twelve renaissance runes, which can consolidate his power, or destroy him.


Many have sought the runes and failed, some even consider them a myth, including Mikaelis, a diplomat mage who suddenly finds himself entrusted by the goddess of death to find the runes and restore balance to Valoris.


Accompanied by six warriors of different classes ranging from an assassin to a priestess, he must follow the writings of an ancient book to locate the runes, unaware that a second book exists and that Greemir has it.


Throughout his journey over a land of contrasting sights and ancient mysteries, Mikaelis will need all his diplomatic skills and help he can muster to overcome the challenges presented along the way while he desperately tries to find a way to reconnect to his daughter after fourteen years of separation.


Every new rune found only increases Greemir’s wrath and his effort to beat Mikaelis to the next location.

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