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Welcome to the Blog of Valoris

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post. This has been an incredible journey for me so far. Your support and interest in the book so far has exceeded all my expectations. As a new author, I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I released the book. I have received so many questions about the new book that I decided to address some of them here along with others regarding the Rune Seekers. But before we move on, let me tell you a little bit about the book.

Tales of Valoris is a fantasy saga designed to have five volumes. Most of them are still swimming inside my head and I have yet to decide what goes where. Right now I’m working on the second volume, which I hope to release early next year. The saga follows the lives of all the characters introduced in Rune Seekers, and some new ones, as they face different challenges and adventures.

I could go on for hours on what is ahead, and the details I prepared for each character, but that would only bore you to death. This blog is not only for my personal rating, but also for you, and I hope to count on your participation with any ideas or suggestions you may have concerning the book. I would love to hear them, and who knows, maybe a few might find their way into the upcoming stories. Tell me also what else you would like to see here.

I initially intended to have a two part blog, one regarding the updates on the new book and another for Q&A, but I decided that having both in the same place works just as well. So here are some of the questions I received recently:

Q: Why didn’t you offer more details about Lhybros? – MTM / Brazil

A: Lhybros will have an important role in the upcoming books, so I opted for keeping most of its history hidden. The city holds lots of secrets regarding Valoris, and it would have taken many pages to talk about each one of them in Rune Seekers. I believe that peeling Lhybros’ story one piece at a time will prove more interesting.

Q: Who imprisoned Zulik? – ADS / Japan

A: This is a tough question. Part of Zulik’s story was mentioned in the Rune Seekers. However, I decided to leave some of it for the next book. As with Lhybros, Zulik’s story will be told in more detail in the new book.

Q: What is the next book about? – CKG / USA

A: The new book will answer some of the questions left hanging in Rune Seekers, such as what happened to the Patriarch Dragons while unveiling a little more of Valoris’ history. I rather not divulge many details right now, but I promise that I will drop a few clues as the book approaches completion.


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