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Life in Valoris Part 01 - The Guardians

The first thing one should learn about guardians is that they are born warriors. In the days before the Unity War, Tharsians learned metal crafting from the dwarves in Vyrnos. Years later, they developed a special ore refinement technique which made them prone to attack from looters and pillagers. The then king sent his men throughout the kingdom to find the best warriors to protect the city. One of the king’s envoys found a child that was much stronger than those of his age and brought him back to the capital along with others holding the same characteristics. Scholars soon realised that these children were capable of storing massive amounts of energy with accounted for their size and resilience.

These special warriors undergo ten years of combat training before facing their final test: obtaining their armour. When the time comes, they are taken to Steelkeep, a city a few days from Thars and enter the Mine of Destiny. There, they must find the ore sample that is attuned to their bodies. The ore glows when it finds its rightful owner, and only after the warrior finds his sample he is allowed to leave the Mine. Once the sample is found, it is used to craft the unique armour each guardians bore. The armour becomes an integral part of the guardians’ arsenal along with his chosen weapon. Besides protecting the warrior, the armour can repair itself when in contact with Tharsian soil, reason why all guardians carry a pouch of soil.

Scholars suspect there could be born guardians in other kingdoms, but that has yet to be proven. The Fathers feel that accepting outsiders may compromise their security.

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